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Topside Scenes, Yung Sen Wu

Underwater Tour Awards 2021

Underwater Tour Awards 2021 Entries Now Open! AUD$30,000 Prize Pool, Calling all Photographers, Creative Artists and Eco-Citizens Australia, 11 January 2021: Entries are now open for the...
The Underwater Tour Awards 2020 Winners Announced

Q and A Chelsea Haebich The Guru Award 2020

The Underwater Water Tour, Guru Award Winner for 2020, Chelsea Haebich, Adelaide UTA:    What was it that inspired you to take up nature photography? Chelsea Haebich:      I...

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Western Australia shark cull 01

New Western Australia shark cull proposed

A Western Australia shark cull is being proposed in response to fishers concerns about loss of catches to sharks in the state. This new proposal would...
Tec Diving Guru Pete Mesley Part 2

Tec Diving Guru Pete Mesley Part 2

Tec Guru Pete Mesley Part 1

Tec Guru Pete Mesley Part 1