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Massive 2 Meter Sunfish Washes Ashore

Massive 2 Meter Sunfish Washes Ashore

A huge 2 Meter Sunfish was discovered washed up on a South Australian beach at the weekend. Also known as Mola Mola this rare creature...
Protecting the Giant Cuttlefish

Protecting the Giant Cuttlefish

The Cuttlefish Alliance, Protecting the Giant Cuttlefish migration at Whyalla, South Australia In June, the Scuba Divers Federation of South Australia (SDFSA) launched the...
Marine Life of Port Noarlunga

Marine Life of Port ANZ Noarlunga, Art Exhibition

New art exhibition celebrates the marine life of Port ANZ Noarlunga, South Australia River to Reef is an exhibition of new marine-themed artworks by South...

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