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Breakthrough for the Reef

Breakthrough for the Reef

In a breakthrough for the reef probiotics proven to boost coral survival In a scientific breakthrough for the Reef, researchers have proven that feeding coral...
Great Barrier Reef Robot Protector

Underwater Robot to Protect Great Barrier Reef Against Crown-of-thorns Starfish

An underwater drone that can keep watch on reef health and accurately identify and inject the devastating crown-of-thorns starfish is ready to be put...
Reef funding announcement, Cairns

Record Investment in the Great Barrier Reef

The Australian Government has announced it will protect thousands of jobs, improve water quality, tackle coral-eating crown-of-thorns starfish and implement scientific reef restoration on...
Coral Growth in Great Barrier Reef

Researchers Pioneer New Technique to Bolster Coral Growth in Great Barrier Reef

For the first time, researchers have accelerated the formation of new coral colonies on small areas in the Great Barrier Reef using ‘baby corals’...

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A Game Changer the Sharkskin Titanium Chillproof

A Game Changer the Sharkskin Titanium Chillproof

The Sharkskin Titanium Chillproof is a Game changer for quadriplegic Bob Staddon One of the most impactful reviews to date, that truly highlights the benefits...