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Coral spawning on the Great Barrier Reef, a giant inflatable snorkeller ‘swimming’ into the harbour in Sydney, a new campaign to save the hawksbill turtle, Lady Musgrave Island gets a new dive boat, 4,000 chemicals found in turtles, and good news from the Solomon Islands.

Medical Q&A

The experts at Divers Alert Network Asia-Pacific discuss getting back to diving after suffering a wrist fracture, and after having a chiropractic adjustment.


In the final segment of a three-part feature, Australia and New Zealand Editor-at-Large Adrian Stacey continues his liveaboard adventure out of Cairns, this time experiencing the awesome diving on the Ribbon Reefs of the great Barrier Reef.

Big animals

Underwater photographer Don Silcock explains why he is so addicted to the thrill of diving in the company of big animals all around the world, including whales, dolphins, sharks and even crocodiles.

Divers Alert Network Asia-Pacific

This month, the experts at DAN Asia-Pacific look at how difficult it can be to diagnose decompression illness, or some other ailment, and how fixating only on a dive-related diagnosis can result in potentially dangerous delays in treatment.

Underwater Photography

Underwater photography guru Martyn Guess continues on from his piece about shooting seals, this time urging divers to experiment with black- and-white images


Jean-Pierre Nathrass showscases seven of the top dive sites in Raja Ampat, and presents a list of creatures large and small you should expect to encounter.


While not as well known as the Great Barrier Reef, the Great Southern Reef is the catalyst for many of Australia’s most-famous underwater experiences and encounters, as Chelsea Haebich explains.

Wreck Hunter

Underwater archaeology expert Mike Haigh discusses the skills and equipment necessary to remove objects from historic shipwrecks.

Test Extra

This issue Scuba Diver Australia and New Zealand Editor-at-Large Adrian Stacey rates and reviews the Sharkskin Chillproof Titanium range of exposure protection, and the Ocean Pro Osprey F400 regulator

Conservation Corner

Conservation projects in and around Australia, New Zealand and SE Asia – this issue, the WWF reports that more than 300 species of sharks and rays are threatened with extinction.

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