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Scuba Diver ANZ #24


News – A tribute to Walindi Plantation Resort founder Max Benjamin, a programme aimed to get more children into scuba diving, World Champion snowboarder Alex Pullin dies while spearfishing, tourism operators help plant 1,000 corals, a shark attack at Fraser Island, a prestigious award for Mama Ranger in the Philippines, and HEAD – which owns Mares – buys Zoggs swimming equipment.

Medical Q&A – The experts at Divers Alert Network Asia-Pacific discuss getting back to diving after COVID-19.

Conservation Corner – New series focusing on conservation projects in and around Australia, New Zealand and Southeast Asia.

Australia – It may be the winter months, but as Adrian Stacey explains, there are plenty of reasons to get in the water, including some cool diving at Julian Rocks in Byron Bay. Expect to see large schools of fish, as well as grey nurse sharks, wobbegongs, eagle rays, marbled rays and huge bull rays, as well as turtles, including Terrible Ted, who has a reputation for taking a close interest in dome ports…

Divers Alert Network Asia-Pacific – The DAN Asia-Pacific team look at the case of a diver who experienced severe decompression sickness while on a foreign dive trip.

The Philippines – Crystal Blue Resort’s Mike Bartick extols the virtues of Anilao as the ultimate diving destination, especially for underwater photographers
in search of elusive critters. As he explains, it is one of those unique places that offers divers a perfect mix of healthy coral reefs teeming with colourful fish, pinnacles, small walls, coral gardens and some of the finest macro diving.

Diveplanit column – Deborah Dickson-Smith focuses on the Great Barrier Reef’s ‘Great 8’ – and how they mate.

Underwater Photography – Underwater photography guru Martyn Guess looks at opening up the aperture to create a more arty look to your macro images.

Honduras – Michele Westmorland explores the diverse waters around the Bay Islands in Honduras on a luxury liveaboard, and finds rich pickings in terms of marine life, coral reefs and shipwrecks.

TECH: Indonesia, part one – Crack cave diving team Maria Bollerup, Rasmus Dysted and Pete Mesley go in search of undiscovered and unexplored cave systems in remote parts of Sulawesi, Indonesia, and are astounded by what they find beneath the jungle interior.

What’s New – New products, including the Apeks RK3 HD fins and VX1 mask in a new gun-metal colour scheme, the Mares Psycho Calavera limited-edition backplate-and-wing, Aqua Lung’s Dynaflex range of wetsuits, Fourth Element’s Expedition Series duffel bag, now in vibrant blue, and heated gloves from Thermalution.

Group Test: Regulators – This issue we return with our latest group test, and we are looking at mid-range regulators from all of the major manufacturers.

Test Extra – Mark Evans goes back to his drysuit diving roots when he dons the new Hydra neoprene drysuit from Fourth Element.

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