How many times during your scuba training were you told to secure any dangling equipment and always stay close to your buddy. This story, from a diver involved in the Coral Reef CPR project in the Maldives, is a perfect example of why you should do exactly that! 

Coral Reef CPR - How to Avoid a Diving Calamity 1

A research diver was diving on a Maldives reef when a giant clam took exception to his dangling air gauge. The giant clam closed and the gauge was held tight in its grip. After waiting for 15 minutes for the creature to release its hold, and with his buddy nowhere to be seen, the diver decided to ditch his gear and swim the short distance to the surface. Some 30 minutes later the diver’s buddy turned up and freed the abandoned equipment from the giant clam.


Coral Reef CPR - How to Avoid a Diving Calamity 2Fortunately, neither diver or giant clam were hurt in the incident, but the patrons of the underwater restaurant, outside where the incident occurred, must have been looking on in disbelief.

Photo credit: Coral Reef CPR face book page


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