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Matt Curnock

Underwater Photographer of the Week: Matt Curnock

How did you get started in underwater photography? In the year 2000, before starting my PhD, I was a research assistant studying dwarf minke whales...
Reef funding announcement, Cairns

Record Investment in the Great Barrier Reef

The Australian Government has announced it will protect thousands of jobs, improve water quality, tackle coral-eating crown-of-thorns starfish and implement scientific reef restoration on...
OUR-WORLD UNDERWATER SCHOLAR: Australia's Neptune Islands

OUR-WORLD UNDERWATER SCHOLAR: Australia’s Neptune Islands

Sitting south of Port Lincoln in the Great Australian Bight, the Neptune Islands look like freckles on the face of a haphazard sea. A...
Megalodon tooth stolen from World Heritage Site in Australia

Megalodon tooth stolen from World Heritage Site in Australia

Authorities in Australia suspect that a fossilised 8cm tooth belonging to a long-extinct giant megalodon shark which has gone missing from a remote national...

Australian Government Announces $60m Great Barrier Reef Protection Plan

A $60m (£34m) plan to help improve the health of the Great Barrier Reef has been announced by the Australian Government. According to a BBC...
Coral Growth in Great Barrier Reef

Researchers Pioneer New Technique to Bolster Coral Growth in Great Barrier Reef

For the first time, researchers have accelerated the formation of new coral colonies on small areas in the Great Barrier Reef using ‘baby corals’...

British doctor surfing in Australia punched shark on the nose

In an incident that will be a delight for tabloid press the world over, a UK doctor had a close encounter with a breaching...