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Blue whale in the Antarctic

Blue Whales Making a Come Back

In the 19th and early 20th century the Blue whale was almost hunted to extinction, now they appear to be making a come back in the Coastal waters of South Georgia. Located in the Southern...
Coral Restoration project at Manta Ray Bay

Whitsundays Reef Restoration Project

The tourism industry is currently the largest employer in the Whitsundays region, accounting for around 40% of all jobs. The Whitsundays region is located at the heart of the Great Barrier Reef with an...
Shark Warning Sign at Narrabeen Lagoon

Welcome Rain, Unwelcome visitors.

The heavy rainfall that has recently soaked the country has come as much needed relief. The deluge, over 600mm in certain areas, has put out raging bush fires, given drought affected farmers cause for...
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Pink Manta Ray

A Pink Manta ray, called inspector Clouseau, has become the subject of much speculation after his most recent visit to Lady Elliot Island.  Well known for its Manta Rays, this tiny island at the...
Testing new Shark proof neoprene

Shark Proof Wetsuit Material

A new wetsuit material tested by Flinders marine researchers can help reduce blood loss caused by shark bites, to reduce injuries and prevent the leading cause of death. The study tested two types of protective...
Seagrass helps save a sinking island

Seagrass Helps to Save a Sinking Island.

Marine Biologists have come up with an innovative solution to help save a sinking Island in the Laccadive Sea. Vaan Island is located in the Gulf of Mannar Biosphere Reserve, between India and Sri...
Crocodile on the Great Barrier Reef

Crocodile Spotted on the Great Barrier Reef

Visitors to the Great Barrier Reef we recently treated to a very rare spectacle when they came across a 1.5 meter crocodile swimming amongst the corals. While it is not uncommon to see crocodiles...
Albotross with logger attached

Spying Albatrosses Used to identify Illegal Fishing Vessels

Scientists at the Centre d'études biologiques de Chizé have come up with an ingenious idea in the fight against illegal fishing. Illegal fishing is a huge industry and threatens fish stocks around the globe, thousands...
Leafy Sea Dragon at a jetty in South Australia

The Jetties of South Australia

Jetties attract a large and varied amount of marine life and are important structures for the sports of scuba diving, freediving and snorkelling as locations for training, unique dive experiences, marine citizen science research,...
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Cage Diving with Great Whites, at 5 years old!

Cage Diving with Great White sharks is a dream come true for some people and a nightmare for many others, but for one 5 year old and his 7 year old sister it was...

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Mike Ball Dive Expeditions – Five decades of diving

1969. It was the year man first set foot on the moon, thousands of rock ‘n’ roll fans descended on Woodstock, and the first...
The 6 Best Dive Sites of the South Pacific

The 6 Best Dive Sites of the South Pacific

The 6 Best Dive Sites of the South Pacific The South Pacific is HUGE! It covers 11 million square miles stretching from the top of...

12 Small Treasures That Make Wakatobi Critter Heaven

Wakatobi's reefs are alive with thousands of small and unique marine life treasures, and you don’t have to go far or search for long...
Islands of the Bahamas

Islands of the Bahamas are a diving paradise

The islands of the Bahamas are a diving paradise, offering a plethora of colourful reefs, dramatic walls, stunning shipwrecks and in-your-face pelagic action. Mark...

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